Critical Mobilities

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    The field of mobility studies examines social phenomena through the lens of movement. In this perspective, societies are regarded as being constantly reconfigured as they are shaped by a series of mobile entities (capital, people, information). This book engages critically with many of the claims and challenges of mobility studies by providing empirically rich reports of mobilities and their limitations. Instead of assuming a seamless world of flows, the volume emphasizes questions of power, inequality, and moorings as integral to the movement of capital, goods, images, practices, or people. The chapters deal with current and important issues, such as organ transplants, illegal migrations, urban globalization, international policies of higher education institutions, and scientific diasporas.


    • Introduction
    • Of mobilities and Moorings: Critical perspectives
    • Arriving at Urban Policies/the Urban: Traces of Elsewhere in Making City Futures
    • What Traveling Urban Types Do: Postcolonial Modernization in Two Globalizing Cities
    • Mobile Institutions of Higher Education. The Construction of New University Spaces in the United Arab Emirates
    • Citizenship in Worlds of Mobility
    • The Perplexities of Mobility
    • Mobilizing Against Mobility: Immigration Politics in a New Security World
    • (Re)thinking Transnationalism and Integration in the Digital Era: A Shift Towards Cosmopolitanism in the Study of International Migrations
    • Pharmaceutical Mobilities and the Market for Women's Reproductive Health: Moving HPV Vaccines and Contraceptives through NGOs and the State in India
    • Foreign Operations: Reflections on Clinical Mobility in Indian Film and Beyond


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