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What are the best tools for assessing the quality of an urban space or landscape, in terms of social, physiological, aesthetic, and functional well-being? What features – spatial, material, or visual – can make some areas of a city welcoming, and perhaps even inspire a sense of belonging? And how do we define “landscape experience”? These are some of the questions behind Experimenting Proximity, an extensive compendium of the teaching and research experience conducted in EPFL (Construction and Conservation Laboratory) and ETHZ (Institute of Landscape Architecture) about visual representation. Authors present a new approach based upon video and experimental mapping, which deals with the notion of “physicality” and stands as the cornerstone for an improved correlation between built form, landscape and public space. All technical and theoretical aspects are developed in the book, as videos and maps can be examined in detail in the website www.experimentingproximity.net


  • One Kilometer of Urban Landscape – Elena Cogato Lanza, Christophe Girot
  • Mapping Urban Landscapes – Antonio di Campli
  • Landscape Video – Fred Truniger, Nadine Schu¨tz
  • Urban Qualities and Visualization: Towards a New Pedagogical Approach – Elena Cogato Lanza, Christophe Girot
  • French Abstract: Un kilomètre de paysage urbain
  • References


Publisher: EPFL Press

Author(s): Elena Cogato Lanza, Christophe Girot

Collection: Architecture Albums

Published: 8 may 2014

Edition: 1st edition

Media: Book, eBook [PDF]

Pages count Book: 112

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 112

Format (in mm) Book: 250 x 200

Size: 43 Mo (PDF)

Weight (in grammes): 480

Language(s): French

EAN13 Book: 9782889150229

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782889148967

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