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The Tour de France is an event known worldwide by both fans of cycling and the general public as a distinguished and extreme physical challenge. Since the 1990s, however, the Tour has also become notorious as a testing ground for performance enhancement and a proving ground for anti-doping measures. The Tour has long been the focus of books that concentrate on racing, the personalities, the scandals, and gossip. Racing Time, instead, offers a serious study of the event, analyzed within its political, social, cultural, and economic context. Racing Time presents expert analyses of a range of topics and issues which the recent history of the Tour has shown to be of contemporary significance, including several studies that examine issues around doping from a range of perspectives.


  • Introduction – Bertrand Fincoeur, Kirsten Frandsen, and Christopher Thompson
  • Part I. Inclusion, Exclusion and Identity
  • 1 The 'Truce' that Never Was? The Tour de France and French Politics – Christopher S. Thompson
  • 2 Where? A simple question with a comprehensive answer. Spatial dimensions of the Tour the France – Vladimir Bacík and Michal Klobucník
  • 3 The tribulations of the Women's Tour de France: a symbol of the refusal to acknowledge women in cycling – Flora Plassard and Lucie Schoch
  • 4 Le Tour de France and Women's Activism – Suzanne Ryder
  • Part II. Economic, Environmental and Psychological Stakes
  • 5 Selling the Tour: The Tour’s Business, Past, Present, and Futur – Eric Reed
  • 6 Does Hosting the Tour de France Yield Tangible Benefits? – Christian Gjersing Nielsen, Andreas Nygaard, Mette Eske, and Rasmus K. Storm
  • 7 The central role of the Tour de France in the political economy of elite cycling – Fabien Ohl and Bertrand Fincoeur
  • 8 Reflections on the environmental impacts of the Tour de France – Andrea Collins
  • 9 Mental challenges in the modern period of the 'Great Loop' – Denis Hauw
  • Part III. Media Perspectives
  • 10 Tour de France TV broadcasting – Daam Van Reeth
  • 11 Television’s contribution to the experience of the Tour de France – Kirsten Frandsen
  • 12 Tour de France on Twitter – the discursive modes of sport audience tweets – Mogens Olesen
  • 13 Is there a future for a virtual Tour de France? – Bertrand Fincoeur
  • Biography of the Authors


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Published: 1 september 2023

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