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Realtime is an investigation about china’s digital and urban infrastructure, practices and imaginary spaces.

Realtime attempts to capture the pace, scale and depth of china’s complex and changing reality.

Realtime is a collection of original accounts, analyses, stories, articles, artworks, pictures, maps, illustrations, and materials collected by researchers and practitioners from various fields of design, geography, architecture, anthropology, economics, and art.


  • Introduction (Renaud, Graezer Bideau & Laperrouza)
  • 01 The Ascent of Digital Technology in China (Renaud)
  • 02 Planning: From Model to Modules (Graezer Bideau)
  • 03 Producing Standardization: Chinese Blocks in Networks (Laperrouza)
  • 04 An Archeology of Shanzhai Phones (Renaud & disnovation.org)
  • 05 The Ghosts of Shenzhen (de Bel)
  • 06 Learning About Makers in China (Bolli, Renaud, Bloch & Protti)
  • 07 China.ai (de Seta)
  • 08 The Armatures of a New Autonomous Urbanism (Hilgefort & Li)
  • 09 Speed Politics of Danmu (Ge Zhang)
  • 10 Future Recipes (Wang)
  • Conclusion (Renaud, Graezer Bideau & Laperrouza)


Publisher: EPFL Press

Collection: Management of Technology

Published: 7 january 2020

Edition: 1st edition

Media: Book

Pages count Book: 232

Format (in mm) Book: 160 x 240

Weight (in grammes): 730 (Book)

Language(s): English

EAN13 Book: 9782889153459

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