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Subsequent to the pioneering work of Brauer in the middle of the 20th century, the representation theory of groups has grown into a very active area of study. The techniques and applications wich have arisen during the development of the field have formed numerous connections with diverse areas of mathematics.This volume gives a general view of the main activities which took place during a research program hosted by the Bernoulli Centre of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in the spring of 2005. The book consists of a collection of independent contributions. The level of exposition is intended for graduate students ans researchers in reprentation theory.The first part is concerned with the interplay between the representation theory of finite groups, cohomology, and topology; the second is dedicated to algebraic groups and finite reductive groups.


  • Preface
  • Representations, Functors and Cohomology: Cohomology and Representation Theory, Jon F. Carlson
  • Introduction to Block Theory, Radha Kessar
  • Introduction to Fusion Systems, Markus Linckelmann
  • Endo-permutation Modules, a Guided Tour, Jacques Thévenaz
  • An Introduction to the Representations and Cohomology of Categories, Peter Webb. Algebraic Groups and Finite Reductive Groups: An Algebraic Introduction to Complex Reflection Groups, Michel Broué
  • Representations of Algebraic Groups, Stephen Donkin
  • Modular Representations of Hecke Algebras, Meinolf Geck
  • Topics in the Theory of Algebraic Groups, Gary M. Seitz
  • Bounds for the Orders of the Finite Subgroups of G(k), Jean-Pierre Serre
  • Index.


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Collection: Mathematics

Published: 5 february 2007

Edition: 1st edition

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Language(s): English

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