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These proceedings report the papers presented at the 11th European Inter-regional Conference on Ceramics (CIEC 11). This conference series provides a regular interface between researchers based in different regions of Europe, namely: Asturias, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Canton de Vaud, Catalunya, Hainaut, Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur, Rhône-Alpes, Valle d'Aosta, Wales. CIEC 11 was held at Hotel PREALPINA, Chexbres, 'Canton de Vaud', but organized by members of the Institute for Physics of Complex Matter (IPMC) of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).


  • Manufacturing of ZTA-SiC nanocomposites by hot pressing and pressureless sintering
  • Process parameter variation in ceramic feedstock compounding
  • Extrusion and rheological behaviour of nanocomposite ZTA feedstocks
  • Near net-shape manufacturing of LPS-SiC
  • Mechanical properties of non-oxyde ceramic matrix composites at the micro-scale
  • Structural characterisation of a low cost ceramic matrix composite
  • Investigaion of the anisotropic thermal expansion behaviour
  • Characterization of mullite-zirconia composites prepared from gibbsite and boehmite
  • Mechanical properties and damage of high zirconia fused-cast refractories
  • High temperature mechanical loss in finegrained zirconia and alumina containing nano-sized reinforcements
  • Supersonic suspension flame spraying (HVSFS) of nanoceramic coatings and composites
  • Thermal spraying of functional coatings for SOFC components
  • Manufacturing of ud fiber reinforced light metal matrix composites by thermal spraying
  • Carbon short fiber reinforced composites by thermal spraying and subsequent densification
  • Intrinsic stress and off-axis texture in nanostructured multinary nitride thin films
  • Microstructural and phase evolutions of y-doped alumina powders toward the elaboration of Al2O3-YAG nonocomposites
  • Elaboration of alumina-zirconia micro-nano composites for biomedical applications
  • Role of the dispersion route on α-AI2O3 crystallisation kinetics in a nanocrystalline transition allumina powder
  • Development and characterisation of AI2O3-SIC micro-nanocomposites
  • Processing of transparent ceramics by SPS
  • Transparent polycrystalline pure allumina obtained by spark plasma
  • Mechanical spectroscopy in silicon nitride ceramics
  • Sinterability of low voltage contact materials
  • Physico-chemical and mechanical characterisation of poly-acid lactic/bioglass composites for medical applications
  • Microstructural and mechanical behaviour of 3y-tzp during hydrothermal ageing
  • Tribological behaviour of surface nitrided zirconia
  • Study of phase transformation and damage in 3y-tzp after grinding
  • Phase transformation and sintering of mullite and mullite-zirconia composite in the systems kaolin, al2o3 and stabilized zirconia
  • Core-shell: a tool for producing advanced functional materials
  • Core-shell structures by surface coating of barium titanate particles with different materials
  • Static fatigue of a CF/Si-B-C composite monitored by acoustic emission at high temperature under air
  • Mechanical behaviour of cf/c composites with acoustic emission monitoring
  • Stress state in a glass before crack and following crack.


Publisher: EPFL Press

Author(s): Danielle Mari, Robert Schaller

Collection: Actes de congrès

Published: 21 august 2008

Edition: 1st edition

Media: Book, eBook [PDF]

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 262

Size: 29 Mo (PDF)

Language(s): English

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782889141715

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