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Environmental Geomechanics cover a wide range of topics concerned with the mechanical behaviour of geomaterials. The problems addressed are complex, mainly due to the coexistence of several species and phases, to their interaction and their often non-linear behaviour. Experimental evidence is difficult to obtain and laboratory as well as in-situ testing procedures present serious challenges. Numerical techniques are used to solve the complex non-linear analytical systems. Integration of new models for engineering applications will require a considerable effort among engineering teams. Due to the number of phenomena influencing the solutions an interdisciplinary approach to Environmental Geomechanics is therefore necessary.


  • The Workshop will specifically cover the following topics of environmental geomechanics: Constitutive aspects
  • Mechanics of unsaturated soils, thermal behaviour, influence of chemical content of fluids on the mechanical properties, durability, creep and long-term effects. Coupled Formulations
  • Thermodynamics, mixture theories, intercation between constituents, phase changes. Case studies
  • Advanced modelling of real cases will provide example of potential and limitations of the existing theories.


Publisher: EPFL Press

Author(s): Laurent Vulliet, Lyesse Laloui, Bernard Schrefler

Collection: Complément au Traité de Génie Civil

Published: 26 june 2002

Edition: 1st edition

Media: Book

Pages count Book: 432

Format (in mm) Book: 160 x 240

Weight (in grammes): 710

Language(s): English

EAN13 Book: 9782880745158

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