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Work flows for digital construction employ a multitude of software types. Among others, authoring-, simulation- and validation- tools or collaborative platforms can be cited. Information exchange is supported by Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), a vendor independent data scheme, developed and managed by buildingSMART international and standardized by ISO.

IFC can be considered as the “backbone” for a lossless digital communication of product data in construction. It is therefore important to understand which information can be transferred by IFC and how this complex data scheme is structured. The present book first introduces the IFC structure using buildings as examples, paying a particular attention to placement and spatial organization of constructed objects.

The concept is then extended to the newest IFC version 4.3, treating infrastructure assets like roads and bridges. Complementary chapters explain how geometry is represented by IFC, the interaction of BIM and GIS systems, as well as the future of IFC. Finally, buildingSMART standards are presented and contextualized for their use in digital workflows.

This book is recommended for everybody who is interested in construction and maintenance processes driven by openBIM methods, in particular for AEC professionals defining data exchange requirements as well as BIM Coordinators and Managers.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Digital representation of built assets: general concepts
  • 3. Semantics: attributes and properties
  • 4. Placement and spatial organization
  • 5. The IFC tree structure
  • 6. Layer structure of IFC
  • 7. buildingSMART specifications for interoperability
  • 8. IFC for infrastructure
  • 9. Ifc for roads
  • 10. Ifc for bridges
  • Appendix 1: Complementary chapters
  • 11. Linking Semantic and Geometric Representation in IFC
  • 12. BIM – GIS integration
  • 13. Schema modelling of IFC and serialization
  • 14. Future of IFC
  • Appendix 2: General Matrix
  • Appendix 3: Partial hierarchical tree for IFC infrastructure objects
  • Bibliography
  • Biography of the authors and contributors


Publisher: EPFL Press

Author(s): Bernd Domer, Rachele Bernardello

Collection: Architecture

Published: 13 july 2023

Edition: 1st edition

Media: Book

Pages count Book: 206

Format (in mm) Book: 210 x 270

Weight (in grammes): 630

Language(s): English

EAN13 Book: 9782889154869

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