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Julien Lafontaine Carboni

About author

Julien Lafontaine Carboni is an architect. They grad- uated at ENSA Paris-Malaquais and defended the thesis “(from) the repertoire: an architectural theory of operations. Oral and embodied knowledge in architectural and spatial practices” at EPFL in April 2022. Julien has published in several architectural, philosophical, and anthropological journals such as Architecture and Culture, Charrette, GTA Papers, and Tabula Rasa. They investigate repertoires (rep- ositories of oral and embodied knowledge) as mecha- nism of transmissions, media and collective struc- ture of conservation of architectural knowledge, im- plying historicities and epistemologies concealed by the architectural disciplinarization. Their aim is to frame an architectural political agency that resides in gestures and the depth of fleshes in proposing an embodied architectural historiography which threads undrawn spatialities, reenactment and performativity as media of queer and decolonial architectural cul- tures. Their research is enriched by a teaching practice through radical pedagogies, curatorial practices as well as by institutional activism in the DRAGLab, EPFL.

Unearthing traces Dismantling imperialist entanglements of archives, landscapes, and the built environment

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