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Frank Rambert

About author

Frank Rambert was born on 31 May 1959 in Rives, in the Is.re department (France). His training actually began at the age of 11, when his history teacher agreed to lend him her catalogue from the Tutankhamun exhibition (Paris 1967). But it was after two years studying art history and archaeology that architecture first caught his attention; it deals with the memory of things, all the while being firmly anchored in the world of the living. He qualified as a registered architect in 1989. From 1991 to 2016 he was a practising architect, and his work, often carried out in association with others, is embedded in everyday life, searching for what might be ordinary or unremarkable, but without being absent or invisible. He has been a teacher since 1988, and the ideas he holds dear are those of the potential for objects and places to be embodied, the memory that long periods of time carry, and the deep conviction that architecture is a literary discipline. Jardins de guerre, the French edition of Gardens of War edited by MetisPresses in 2014, won the 2015 book prize awarded by the Architecture Academy in France.

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