How to read our e-books


In order to make it easy to read our eBooks with a wide range of physical media and software, we choose file formats that take into account the different types of devices on the market, screen size, system technology, reading comfort and mobility. Our e-books are available in three formats: PDF, ePub and Bookapp. The first two can be downloaded directly from our website. The Bookapps are available on the Appstore, to which our site provides links.

eBooks in PDF

PDF is a universal standard.  It reproduces the exact contents of a printed book but includes navigation links and offers improved search functionality. It is readable on any device with a PDF reader. This format is particularly suitable for visualization on a computer, e-book reader and large screen tablets. In order to optimize reading comfort, the display mode should be set to "Full screen".

eBooks in EPUB format

The ePub format is designed to adjust the layout of the contents according to the type of reading device and screen size. This format can also choose the size of text and change the font for true reading comfort. Other advanced features are available depending on the ePub reading software. This format is ideal for display on any screen; it is also suitable for reading on small screens such as smartphones and PDAs.

EBooks format Bookapp

Bookapps are the "books-applications" developed specifically for display on iPhone and iPad; they favor participatory reading. They can be highlighted, annotated and enriched. On each page, comments can be added and shared among a community of readers. Our site provides direct access to the catalogue of Bookapps.

More information?

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