Thermodynamics and Energy Systems Analysis

Vol. 2: Solved Problems and Exercises

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    This companion book to the classic Thermodynamics and Energy Systems Analysis: From Energy to Exergy, by Lucien Borel and Daniel Favrat, provides a series of exercises (many solved, some with just numerical answers) to be used in conjunction with the textbook. The authors aim to illustrate the basic concepts of phenomenological thermodynamics and to successfully guide the student from the theory to the ability to solve increasingly concrete problems in thermal energy systems. The book covers a large number of subjects, from both the energy and exergy point of view. The reader will find that the solved problems are systematically structured according to the following scheme: description; hypotheses; data; questions; and solutions. They are many detailed illustrations to improve the comprehension of the basic concepts. With the selection that addresses the kinds of problems most commonly confronted by the engineer in real life, this book is an ideal choice for use in the classroom or for self-study.


    • Generalities and fundamental laws • Closed systems and general thermodynamic relations • Balances of extensive entities • Open systems in steady-state operation • Thermodynamic properties of matter • Mixture of ideal or perfect gases • Mixtures of a gas with a condensable substance • Thermodynamic processes and diagrams • Simple examples of application of the First and Second Laws • Energy and exergy analyses (thermomechanical processes) • Combustion • Examples of application of chapter 10 and 11 • Thermodynamic cycles • Applications: Examples from Chapters 10 to 13 • Linear thermodynamics of irreversible phenomena
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