SAP for Universities

Strategies and Solutions


Directed by Nils Panchaud and Etienne Marclay


EPFL Press - 2014-03-24

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    Following the HERUG conference of 2013, this collection of invited contributions of experts in their respective fields presents sharp opinions on key topics of the moment. The themes were selected by specialists working in universities from all over the world and dives into various issues related to the management of SAP projects and the SAP environment. The diversity of the participants and their experiences covers a wide range of problematic issues; namely, to help establish an SAP strategy, to improve the knowledge of SAP project parameters, to establish an information systems governance, and to illuminate institutional choices for solutions and the implementation of SAP.


    • Foreword
    • What is “SAP for Universities”?
    • The HERUG – Origins
    • Historical and organizational aspects
    • The HERAC
    • Part 1 Administrative Management
    • Part 2 Academic Management
    • Part 3 Governance/Security
    • Part 4 Lessons Learned
    • Part 5 New Technologies/ Special Contributions
    • Acknowledgements
    • Bibliography
    • The authors
    • Information

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    • Paper book

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